Bread roses

A step by step process on how to make beautiful bread roses🌹🌹🌹

I ❤ decorating things and making things look pretty, it’s probably my favourite part of baking and as part of a challenge this week I taught myself how to make roses out of bread dough. They turned out really well so I thought I’d do a little post sharing how to make them if anyone else was interested.

To make the dough for these roses you need to make a basic white bread dough, minus the yeast, + beetroot blended with a little water (to give it the gorgeous pinky red colour). Yeast is the ingredient in bread that makes it rise and gives it an airy light texture. For these roses we do not want the dough to rise as the rose petals will not keep their precise, pretty shape. Therefore these roses are very dense in texture and wouldn’t be that tasty to eat on their own. They are perfect for making to put on top of another bread as an edible decoration such as I did for my turmeric, honey and apricot bread (recipe linked here). As they are eaten with another bread which does have yeast in, you don’t notice the dense texture as much so they are a great addition to the bread as they make it look pretty.

Step 1

bread roses 1

Roll out your coloured bread dough very thin, about 3mm thick. Using a round cookie cutter (I used a 58mm one, I wouldn’t recommend any bigger) cut out about 8-9 circles.

Step 2

bread roses 2

Using a piece of clingfilm, drag out the edges of one half of all the circles, making them thinner and slightly uneven in shape, such as a real rose petal would look.

Step 3

bread roses 3

Roll up one of the cut out circles so it looks like the picture above. This acts as the middle of the rose.

Step 4

bread roses 4

Pick up another one of the cut out circles and wrap it round the rolled up circle, leaving the top half of the circle folded out, such as seen in the picture above.

Step 5

bread roses 5

Pick up another cut out circle and tuck it under the folded out part of the first circle, again leaving the top part of this one folded out.

Step 6

bread roses 6

Repeat with another 2 cut out roses until your rose looks like the picture above.

Step 7

bread roses 7

Take another cut out circle and wrap this round the outside of your rose.

Step 8

bread roses 8

Take another cut out circle and wrap this again round the rose, slightly overlapping the the previous circle.

Step 9

bread roses 9

Wrap your last cut out circle round the outside of the rose, again overlapping the previous circle.

Step 10

bread roses 10bread roses 11

Gently squeeze the the bottom of the rose in between your thumb and finger. This will make the petals spread out a little bit and will form the perfect shape for your rose. Cut off the remaining dough at the bottom of the rose, just where you squeezed with your thumb and finger.

Step 11

bread roses 12

Pinch the edges of the outer petals gently to give them a little point and voila! you have your bread rose ready for the oven.

Place your bread rose on top of your bread you’d like to bake and place it in the oven to bake according to your other bread instructions. For this demo rose, I just placed it in a cupcake case in a cupcake tin and baked it on gas mark 6 for 20 mins.

bread roses 13

Then here you have your perfect bread rose which not only looks so impressive but is going to make any bread you bake look extra pretty.

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments 💗Charlotte x x x




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